Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Is Varun's speech a Hindu role model or "anti-hindu"?

It is debated in the media these days, whether Varun Gandhi's controversial speech had an adverse impact on his party’s prospects or helped to get more votes. There is a more important issue that needs to discussed beyond the issue of mere electoral expediency. Let us not forget that Varun (and the likes of him) invoke the name of Hinduism, the name of Ram etc. What does it do to Hinduism? Is that a role model that Hindu parents can show to their children? Don’t the hate-speeches, rabble rousing, provoking riots, shill rhetoric, intimidation, playing victim etc by groups in the name of Hinduism/Ram bring disgrace to Hinduism in the same manner as a similar abuse of Islamists bring disgrace to Islam? A person who makes a poor spiritual/moral spectacle of Islam, claiming to act in the name of Islam (like the radical Islamists) should be called anti-muslim and a person who does it to Hinduism should be called an anti-hindu. It is time the fake bhakts be recognized for what they really are, for showing their religion in a poor light (on a spiritual/moral scale).

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