Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Media bias against BJP?

Going through Hindutva sympathetic blogs/websites, one notices a common complaint that the media and TV channels are biased against the BJP/Hindutva (and that the BJP should have its own media etc). The BJP has all the access to the media and there is a BJP spokesperson represented in almost every TV debate (in fact, even though the non-BJP opposition is as strong, it is not often represented - so the BJP actually has more than a fair share of representation/voice). While many of the TV anchors may not be particularly indoctrinated in Hindutva, the representation given in the debates etc should be all that is needed. If that is not enough, nothing else is. On the other hand, the dalit websites/blogs who also complain about their lack of voice/presence/representation in media are probably more justified in their complaint.

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